Sunday, November 20, 2011

The FUsSy Teacher

There are many type of teachers....some extra nice...some extra bad (thankfully we dont have any like that) and some well... they suffer from horrible mood swings..i.e. they will be super sweet and super mean as and when they wish to.. So here's what happened a few days back....
We had around a week of holidays for Eid and most teachers told us 12th graders NOT to enjoy(yea right as if that's gonna happen) and to just celebrate Eid for 3 days(out of a 10 day break :P) and study the rest of the holidays. So therefore they give us this huge chunk of material for tests and revisions expecting us to be prepared by the end of the holidays. The holidays flew by with the blink of an eye and here we are on the Saturday evening, after a precise week, rushing about trying to get our projects and homeworks done.
And on sunday morning we all took off to school with the so called 'blues' least expecting what was gonna happen in the so called 'Mrs.X's Class'.We have a thing called Monthly tests that assess our performance on monthly basis for which some people actually learn, unlike me and majority of others.
And Mrs.X, let me tell you is a Very Very ORGANISED & PLANNED teacher. So you can imagine ...She wouldnt want anything and I mean ANYTHING disrupting her plans. So before the holidays she gave us seven, yes SEVEN!!! chapters to learn, 3 for the monthly test and the rest for revision...So this unfortunate day she comes up and asks us how was our holidays and without waiting for our reply moves on to the next question,"So...Everyone studied 'X-subject' ?" and we all being HONEST children decide to tell her the truth. "No Miss" we all answered in unison... and there comes the next question..."Stand up all who didnt TOUCH the book" and again without thinking most of us stand. And there comes the Shock of Shocks...from the least expected teacher (yes usually she is very sweet and bears with all our actions)... She askes us all individually what we all did during the holidays and she picks me out and asks "Oh.. even you were celebrating Eid..? " (I'm a Christian so I wouldnt be found celebrating Eid but Of course! I will be enjoying the holidays :P) and I just answer her with a sheepish smile.. :P So what does she ask us to do..?
She asks us to write a letter of explanation why we didnt learn her subject along with a sign from our parents...(Parents Sign! I mean how much more kiddish can this get ? ).
So we all manage to get the letter and give it to her. We thought it was all over. How wrong we all were!
The next day the Head Mistress comes to our class and tells us until we all go and meet her in person she has asked Mrs.X not to come to our class again.! Sheesh one teacher created so much of a fuss..! and finally we all went and met the Head Mistress and there we had to write another letter in which we promised never to give a reason to our teachers to complain against us...*SIGH* so what I intend to say here is one teacher created soo much of a fuss over such a small thing...and what did it get her... arghh i dont know and if you get it please do tell me... :P :P
This incident has taught me how a Small action can make you SO pissed off..!! :@
But this does not mean I don't like that teacher anymore...but there was an awkward tension between us and the teacher for a few days... but now... everything is back to normal.. :D


  1. The first one to comment huh?

    I totally toally get what you're trying to say here.I mean the fuss,fight and the frustation...all for basically nothing.At the end of the day you're just glad you have your friends.:P

    And keep writing more.

    Till then,
    Bada bim bada boom bada bah to you too.

  2. Haha!! I know!
    Dont Know wht my life wud hve becum were it not for friends :)
    Badda Bing Bing to u .. :D