Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something you should know

I just remembered this story and I don't know why I put it up, but I think it might be useful someway or the other. Please pardon the bad language.

So here is the story:
Part one : One day a bird was sitting on top of a tree. It felt like it was it was on top of the world and nobody could bring it down. So out of joy and pride it started singing AND dancing. And too much dancing lead to it falling of the tree straight into a pile of snow beneath. and since it fell a long way it passed out and froze in the pile of snow.

Part two : So after a while a cow was passing by and saw the sorry state of the bird and decided to thaw him by shitting on it. And Blop! goes the shit and the bird gets thawed according to the cow's plan. The cow satisfied by its work moves on.

Part three : And so out of happiness(as usual) the bird starts to sing. And a hungry cat passing by hears music coming out of a pile of shit and decides to investigate. And in the process finds out it was a bird. And Voila! thus is the end of the singing bird.

So you might be wonder what is is this right? Read the Morals and see. 

Moral for Part one :  If your at the top, shut up & you'll stay there longer.

Moral for Part two : Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy.

Moral for Part three : Not everyone who pulls you out of shit is your friend.
                                      And when you're in deep shit keep your mouth shut.


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