Monday, March 12, 2012

Best V-Day Ever!

14th Feb. this year was supposed to be a holiday but, unfortunately my beshtie AS called up on 13th to tell me we have school the next day for just signing the hall ticket! I was frankly disappointed 'cause i thought I could sit at home and watch cheesy love stories on T.V.

So with all plans crashed, I go on twitter to let my other beshtie SH know that we have school. And after a lot of tweeting we decided to take UNO cards and Bingo boards for playing (very immature I know! but that's all we got!).
Finally I set off for school on 14th & my next beshtie TJF comes in with a big cover! and I found out it was Chocolate Pudding (made by her!). I then had a feeling the day wasn't going to be so bad after all! (OH! and all of us decided to NOT bring any books in case the teachers planned on teaching us ).

Okay just before you all ask me how many beshties more do I have? I'll tell you.. None... The four of us together is like nothing you've seen before :P 

The seven hours which I so dreaded yesterday went by so fast that I regret not being more active!
My classmate BM brought a raspberry cake/pastry(which was Delicious!). We started the day off by playing UNO cards! And while we were playing our headmistress walked in! We were all terrified as she usually is a VERY STRICT person but, God knows maybe cause its V-Day that she joked around and told us nicely to put the cards away and study something. After she left we packed all the cards thanking God that she hadn't confiscated them (I was extra worried since it was my pack of cards). Then we all settled down to telling spooky stories and AS gave us all her first hand experience on playing the 'Ojoboard' (Its a board game where you call upon ghosts. Creepy!! I know!) along with her cousin sister. Honestly I was scared!(I'm a fragile person you know...) The break period went AWESOME!All what we had was pudding and cake! The most "Sweetest" break ever! Literally! It was SO GOOD!

After that we wrote many many autograph books and slam books which was very funny because we just copied what we wrote in someone else's book!The best part of the day was when TJF asked SH out!  Okay before you get the wrong impression they both are girls and it was for FUN! and moreover TJF has a BF. But it was SO DARN CUTE!! She gave SH a rose!! Me and AS were in on the secret but SH was SO SURPRISED!! That was the most Exciting part of the day apart from digging into a cake and pudding on the same day! 

We ended the day by playing Kabadi in the backyard. Back in the bus TJF and me started playing UNO cards again! :P We played 7 rounds till my stop reached and I won 4-3 :D 
So I just want to make my point clear I'm not gonna lie by telling I don't want a boyfriend, but I don't have a boyfriend and still I had SO MUCH FUN on V-Day. So to those out there just stop beating yourself up 'bout the fact that you don't have a boyfriend and enjoy the world when you can 'cause life's so much better when your single. ;)


  1. You guys knew about the rose plan? aww! I didn't know that.

    14th of feb is a day of mixed emotions. Some put them selves out there in hope of getting hooked up. Some .. like you.. have amazing friends.. so being single is just amazing with friends like these. ;)

    1. Haha! Yea we did :)

      I know thanks to you guys this was by far the Best V-Day EVER! :)

  2. Your desserts look so tasty!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Enjoy your read through 1 Samuel. :) How is it going?

    1. Haha! Its A googled Picture :P

      Your Welcome :) Im done with 1 Samuel...Reading the 2nd Book now :) Its very inspiring :)